CCBP books, 2002-2018

Get Involved, 2018-2019

The Campus Community Book Project operates through two committees: the Program Planning Committee, which develops the program to accompany each cycle; and the Selection Committee, which is charged with making recommendations for the next cycle's featured title. If you are interested in participating in one or both of the committees, please contact Megan Macklin, CCBP coordinator (

2018-2019 CCBP Program Planning Committee

Charron Andrus
Cheryl Bach
Corinna Fish
Dennis Pendleton
Eric Sanchez
Erin Dorn
Erum Syed
Glenda Drew
Jaime Allen
Jann Murray-Garcia
Jennie Moylan
Jessie Murray
Judi Garcia
Karl Van Brenk
Karma Waltonen
Krissy Ocampo
Lynn Fowler
Eleanor McAuliffe
ML Farrell
Margaret Pelrine
Marilu Carter
Matthew Conner
Megan Macklin
Mikael Villalobos
Mina Matlon
Neesha Patel
Paul Terry
Rachel Hale
Robert Emmons
Sara Blair-Medeiros
Shaozhuan Li
Sophia Jin
Stacey Brezing
Stephanie Longoria
Sunjeet Dosanjh
Susan Collopy
Tenzing Thinley